Wednesday, September 16, 2015

4 Crucial Decisions Entrepreneurs Make

An Entrepreneur is the operations manager, the human resource director, and the marketing manager at the same time. Entrepreneurs are confronted with a lot of choices to make, and some of these choices are more crucial to the success of the business than others. 

1.                   Business finance decisions

Entrepreneurs continually makes a lot of choices when it comes to business finances. For new companies, choices about how to finance the business and the most suitable source of financing are critical. For an existing business, choices about how to manage cash flow and secure resources are equally important. 

2.                   Business structure 

Legitimate business structures incorporate sole proprietorship, partnership, and limited liability corporations. Each of these business structures has their own features and obligations. Structural decisions are long term choices and they entail a great deal of risk. It incorporates decisions about developing new products or getting into strategic alliances. 

3.                   Work force 

An entrepreneur must make decisions about selecting and employing a competent work force. The entrepreneur must set criteria for hiring the most competent workers. Entrepreneurs should also make decisions on job expectations, roles and obligations. Also, the entrepreneur has to determine the remunerations and benefit structures for his workers. 

4.                   Operational decisions 

Entrepreneurs need to make decisions on how they will manage the business. Operational decisions incorporate picking the right suppliers, and the appropriate strategy for distributing and marketing the product. 

These four decisions are crucial to the success of any business. 

Stephen Souky is a Controller at MHC. He is an experienced accounting professional with more than twenty three years of success in a variety of senior level management positions. He is the President of the Niskayuna Girls Basketball Team and AAU programs.