Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stephen Souky Is An ACE-Certified Softball Coach

Parents and players on the Niskayuna Girl’s Travel Softball Team can rest assured that head coach Stephen Souky has the training and expertise necessary to create a safe learning environment for girls’ youth softball players.

Stephen Souky has undergone the American Softball Association’s ACE coaching certification program, and passed with flying colors. Designed to provide softball coaches with the information and skills necessary to safely and effectively lead a team, the ACE program has provided Stephen Souky with knowledge and information about issues that come up frequently in youth softball, as well as preparedness in what to do in safety emergencies.

With his ACE Certification, Stephen Souky has undergone training in coaching basics including communication and effective practice planning; softball skills and how to teach them; coach/umpire relations; legal issues related to youth sports; and first aid. As part of the certification, Stephen Souky passed a background check done by the American Softball Association, and has softball-related insurance coverage through the ASA. To maintain his certification, Stephen Souky will receive continuing education materials from the ASA to ensure that he stays up to date on rules, procedures, and safety requirements.

While watching a child engage in sports for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience for many parents, Coach Stephen Souky has the experience and training necessary to create a positive learning environment for players based in cooperation, safety, and skill building. Stephen Souky focuses on building sportsmanship, respect, and cooperative team play among the members of his teams. In addition to his experience coaching softball, Stephen Souky has also coached a number of youth girls’ basketball teams in the Schenectady area in recent years, including the Niskayuna Girls Travel Basketball Team Biddy Bs, the Mohawk Valley Heat, the Saratoga Sparks, and the St. Paul’s Girls CYO basketball team.