Wednesday, September 23, 2015

4 Benefits of Volunteering Your Time to Community Service

Volunteering your time to community service has a beneficial outcome on the community and for you as well. Helping the community and other people offers numerous advantages. For instance, it can help you to know more about yourself and even help you to discover your passion.

The benefits of volunteering your time to community service include:

You will gain valuable life experiences and skills

Whether you volunteer your time at a local health clinic or you build shelters for the homeless, you will gain valuable experiences and develop valuable skills. You can also explore your career interests by volunteering your time.

You will meet interesting people

You can gain insights from the people you are helping, and from your fellow volunteers. Regardless of the caliber of people you're working with, you'll see that they have information and a different approach to issues that can inspire you.

You can get academic credit by volunteering your time

Some schools offer scholastic credit for humanitarian effort through service learning. Speak with your school counselor to find out if your school offers such.

You will have the opportunity to make a difference

When you volunteer your time to community service, the little help you offer can make a big and lasting impact on the community.

Decide on the amount of time you can commit and what really interests you before you volunteer your time.

Stephen Souky is an active member of his local community. He is a volunteer for Grace Fellowship Church, as well as, City Mission of Schenectady; a non-denominational Christian ministry dedicated to serving the poor and the homeless.