Friday, May 1, 2015

Stephen Souky - Ways to Give Back

MHC professional Stephen Souky is proud to be a part of the Albany community, and to donate his time and energy towards its support in any way that he can. As one who regularly volunteers his time through Grace Fellowship, his local church, Souky understands just how powerful and beneficial it can be to give back to others; a highly rewarding activity for both the volunteer and for the people he/she is supporting.

As Stephen Souky knows, there are many ways an individual can choose to give back to the community. Several basic ways to show your support are provided below.

Youth Sports Team Sponsorship

If you have an interest in and/or considerable knowledge of a particular sport, there may be no more enjoyable way to volunteer your time than to a local youth sports team. Youth sports organizations provide young people a great chance to learn the values of teamwork, leadership, fair play and more, and chances are there are several organizations in your area seeking support as we speak.

Adopt a Road/Highway

Volunteering yourself and/or family to a section of roadway or highway cleanup, as Stephen Souky knows, is a simple and relatively easy way to do your part for your community. 

Canned Food Drives

One often overlooked way to help out is through the organization of a canned food drive. Working with neighbors or fellow business owners to encourage community nonperishable food donations is a great