Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stephen Souky’s Volunteering Record Formidable

Niskayuna native Stephen Souky has earned himself something of a reputation in the community as a consummate altruist. Stephen Souky volunteers all over the community in various capacities, and has been doing so for such a long time that he cannot even recall when he first started. In addition to his volunteer work in the community, Stephen Souky has been a youth basketball coach and administrator for a number of years, and also maintains an active role in his church, participating in church functions and church activities and staying active in the congregation. With such an active schedule, it is hard to picture Stephen Souky even having any time for himself, but he says it is not an issue.

Perhaps for people like Stephen Souky the volunteer work is its own reward. It certainly can start to seem that way, when one takes a look at all the various organizations and causes to which Stephen Souky has donated his time and energy over the years. Indeed, it begins to seem like volunteering itself must fulfill some kind of need for Stephen Souky. He says that volunteering does make him feel good, but if it were done solely for personal reasons it would feel almost selfish. Stephen Souky believes that the joy of helping others reciprocates itself inside him, and that it enriches his soul in a way that little else can. The same must be true for Stephen Souky’s relationship with his church, in which he is constantly getting involved in various capacities.